Saturday, November 13, 2010

Clinical Research on Treating Senile Dementia by Combining Acupuncture with Acupoint-Injection

Yemeng Chen, L. Ac., FICAE, President, New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Formerly Yemeng Chen, M.D.,Acupuncture Department,
Huashan Hospital Shanghai Medical University, Shanghai 20040, P. R. China
Abstract: Combining acupuncture with acupoint-injection of aceglutamidi has been used in treating 38 cases of senile dementia. The experiment showed that the therapy is effective for the cases of multi-infarct dementia, the rate of success being 42.82% and of improvement 42.86%. The rating was based on the revised Hasegawa Dementia Scale and the Functional Activity Questionnaire. In addition, it has been observed that the component of high density lipid-cholesterol increased (HDL-C) significantly after treatment.
Key Words: Acupuncture, acupoint-injection, aceglutamidi, senile dementia, multi-infarct dementia, high density lipid-cholesterol (HDL-C)
Senile dementia, its main types being Alzheimer ’s disease (senile dementia of Alzheimer’s type, SDAT) and multi-infarct dementia (MID), is a special disease found only in the aged. IT is characterized by impaired memory and intellectual decline. Being unable to take care of themselves, patients suffering from severe dementia are a heavy burden to the family and community. With the increased proportion of aged people among the populace, the morbidity of senile dementia has also increased. Therefore the disease has been listed as one of the most important items in the research of geriatrics. Beginning from 1988, we tried to combine acupuncture with acupoint-injection of aceglutamidi to treat 38 cases of senile dementia. Having analyzed the clinical data, we found the multi-infarct dementia is an effective indication of acupuncture. The observation is as the follows.
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