Thursday, June 12, 2008

Acupuncture Therapy - Famous Therapies -

Acupuncture Therapy - Famous Therapies - "'Acupuncture' may be more appropriately called Traditional Oriental Medicine.

At the heart of it is the concept is that there is Qi (aka: Ki, Chi), a physical 'energy force' that exists in every part of the living world. The flow of Qi in the channels of humans is familiar to anyone has seen the lines on the body of an acupuncture chart or model. Most practitioners believe that these Qi meridians exist as a separate system although sometimes in conjunction with the nerve and blood systems. These Channels of energy are named after the body's organs but do so only to describe a system of how one portion of the body works. For example, the liver in oriental medicine is described not as a physical organ as much as its role in moving Qi throughout the body."

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