Saturday, July 12, 2008

Chinese Medicine for Psoriasis,

I have been working on a web site dedicated to the chinese medical treatment of skin disease and have started to get people from all over the globe inquiring about their various conditions through it. I am looking for practitioners, who feel competent with dermatology, that would like to link exchange on my site. If you have any before and after pictures to post on the skin gallery, this would also help build your practice and gain visability of your good work. Adina Stenescu, a practitioner from the Toronto area, has already posted pictures in the gallery (with good links and acknowledgments back to her) and I have started referring clients her way.

The web site is still in the building stage, a new header is being designed, more content, ect, but as I said I am already getting tons of hits and inquiries. I need people I can refer to!!

please check out the site at

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