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Continuing Education Class for Acupuncturists & Acupuncture Students

Continuing Education Class for Acupuncturists & Acupuncture Students

November 9, 10 am

New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Mineola, NY

Seminar 1: Shen (Spirit) as Described in the Nei Jing (Inner Classic of the Yellow Emperor)

Shen (Spirit) is a very important factor in the Inner Classic of the Yellow Emperor (Nei Jing), which usually mentioned that the Heart is taking charge of the Shen (Spirit). Actually, there were two important concepts about the Shen (Spirit) in the Inner Classic of Yellow Emperor (Huang Di Nei Jing): One is that the heart is in charge of the Shen; and the other is that Five Zang-organs all store the Shen (spirit). These two viewpoints have some connection but the theoretic connotation and basis of arguments are not the same.

November 9, 1:30 pm
Seminar 2: Psychology in Traditional Chinese Medicine and its Clinical Application

Psychology in TCM is based on basic theory of TCM for studying the relationship between emotional factors and health in the practice of clinical TCM. Although psychological thought was formally studied only thirty years ago, it was a good manifestation of traditional oriental culture, originating from the Inner Classic of the Yellow Emperor (Huangdi Neijing) and absorbing thoughts from modern psychology and psychosomatic medicine. Some basic theories, such as the Seven Emotions (happiness, anger, worry, thoughtfulness, sadness, dread, and fear) theory and the Five Character theory, in the Inner Classic of the Yellow Emperor, have laid a foundation for psychology in TCM, promoting treatment efficacy in clinical practice for more than 2000 years.

Starting from the 1980s, psychological thinking gradually developed into psychology in TCM by combining the modern theories of psychology with TCM. Many books on this topic were published and training courses and national symposiums were held to promote this subject. The course “psychology in TCM” has been opened in almost all universities of TCM all around China for undergraduates. Psychology in TCM was also listed as a subject for Masters Degree students.

This lecture will describe in detail the clinical application of Psychology in TCM.

Fee for one day seminar: $60 (fee includes both Seminars)
NYCTCM Alumni & other acupuncture school students: $40
NYCTCM Student: $20

For details and Registration form, go to NYCTCM website, CEU page

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