Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Answers with Acupuncture

is a new website of Chan Hur, L. Ac., who specializes in Korean style acupuncture, called the 4 needle technique. He only uses 4 acupuncture needles.

His office is located in Queens, NY in Forest Hills.

"I mainly use Korean needle techniques, using only 4 needles most of the time. In Korean 4 needle technique (also known as Sa-am acupuncture) most acupuncture points are located below the elbows and knees.

The concept of Korean 4 (four) needle acupuncture techniques is to tonify or sedate related organs’ function. Two needles are used for tonification and another two for sedation; they then balance each other.

During my study and practice, I found that the Korean 4 needles technique brings much better results than traditional acupuncture because Korean 4 needle technique adjusts all the important organs directly. Many famous practitioners in Korea use this technique.

I sometimes add one or two extra points from traditional acupuncture with Korean 4 needles technique. This method provides better results, as I use the better parts of two different systems.

I specialize in the treatment of pain with acupuncture and in preventive medicine."
Check out Chan Hur's website to find out about Korean 4 needle acupuncture technique.

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