Thursday, September 15, 2011

Empire Blue Cross diagnosis restrictions removed

After numerous efforts and letters on behalf of the Acupuncture Society of New York and other independent efforts effective July 16th, ASNY was informed that the diagnosis restrictions on Empire BC/BS plans have been removed.  Prior restrictions included knee and/or hip osteoarthritis provable with x-ray and nausea from chemotherapy, pregnancy or post surgical.  After extensive contact with the company we have received the response that "our medical policies have been updated and the prior diagnosis restrictions have been removed".  ASNY thanks everyone who helped contribute to the reversal of these restrictions.

Please watch for upcoming ASNY programs on Major Medical, No Fault and Workers Compensation Insurance.   Additionally, I look forward to updating you on meetings that ASNY has this month with the Governor's Office, Department of Insurance and the Workers Compensation Board.

I sincerely thank those who are ASNY members and strongly encourage new members to join in order to help fuel these efforts.

James M. Shinol, ASNY President